At Bulldog Oilfield Services we know that every job is different and what works for one client may not work for another. To ensure that our customers’ needs are met Bulldog Oilfield Services has its own fabrication facility in which we customize equipment to meet the specific requirements of each client.
Over Head Road Crossings (OHRC)
Because not all locations are conducive to the standard road crossing, Bulldog Oilfield Services has custom fabricated Overhead Road Crossings. These road crossings allow for smoother, safer traffic flow and accommodate both small passenger vehicles and large oversized loads as well. Our OHRC’s have a 16 ½’ tall inside clearance and are available in 14’ or 24’ wide inside clearance.
Bulldog Oilfield Services uses several types and sizes of pumps depending upon the job requirements and the customers’ needs.
Bulldog Oilfield Services has several types of filter pots available for small or large jobs along with all of the proper manifolds needed to meet the necessary filtration requirements. We have units as small as 4” as well as the larger 10” units capable of up to 100 BPM.
Road Crossings
At Bulldog Oilfield Services we know access is as important to the client as it is the land owner. In order to keep traffic flowing and uninterrupted we offer many different sizes of road crossings. We also have customized road crossings with manifolds for on location work.
We have 3” and 4” polyline for use when pumping saltwater and produced water as well as other low volume jobs.